Make $1K Challenge

Make $1K Challenge

There are numerous reasons to start a blog these days.  You may want a platform to be creative on, you may want to connect with others, or you may want to make some cash.  To make $1k is a huge milestone, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today. Read on for tips on making your first $1000!


Plan Out Your Blog

The first thing you want to do is get your own domain name with a good host.  (Check out WA) This will allow your site to grow and you don’t have to worry about the site being slow, down, or not owning it yourself. Make sure you also invest in a responsive theme. This means choosing a design that will look natural on any sized screen: whether that’s desk top or on a mobile device.

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Figure out what you want to blog about and who your audience is. Your blog should be a good balance between your passion and interests, your skill sets, and how you can help other people. Decide what your demographics are and who you want to attract and then influence.


Create Your Cornerstone Content Pieces and Your Pages

Cornerstone pieces are the pieces of content that people find on a ‘start here’ page. These are the posts that will answer the questions that most of your audience are looking to find answers for. You also want your basic pages to be filled out. These include pages such as a contact page, an about me page, and a resource page that includes your favorite tools.


Attract Traffic and Turn them Into Subscribers

Readers are already used to seeing an opt-in feature on different blogs, so you really need something captivating to get their attention. You want them to start clicking around and become invested in your blog enough to become a subscriber. Make it easy to share your posts and that will be a good start! Having great and engaging content is absolutely a must. They need a reason to stick around, after all.


Have an Email Plan for Your Subscribers

Once you’ve started to get subscribers, you need a plan on how you’re going to keep them around. Having a simple welcome email may not be enough.  You want to have a series of emails that will engage them with your brand. Consider having monthly or weekly themes that your emails can follow a pattern of.  If you’re planning to launch something such as a course, service, or products, you make sure that your subscribers receive these specific launch content.


Market Yourself and Blog

Sometimes we become so invested in producing good content that we forget all about the marketing aspect of our blog.  Marketing doesn’t mean just scheduling your posts through social media. These marketing tips can sometimes include pitching your services to an outside party or trying to build a relationship with other people.

You can also pitch a sponsored post, a guest post, or a podcast.  You can also offer different suggestions to influencers, you can offer to teach someone else’s audience for free, and you can focus on becoming more visible in various Facebook groups.


Focus on Affiliate Marketing from the Start

Using affiliate marketing from the start can be a huge way to start making money off your blog. This is something you want to focus on from the very creation of your blog.  Here are some easy steps to take in order to begin affiliate marketing:

  • Come up with a list of a few products that you can use and that you love.
  • Come up with a list of products that your target audience will use too!
  • Begin signing up for affiliate programs and networks.  There are several options for this, and you should research ones that you think would best fit your blog. Builderall Affiliate Program is a great place to start!  Make sure that you are linking to them.
  • Write up tutorials, reviews, and guides on how to use the products.  These are going to be blog posts that will have a direct impact on how much money you’re making.

Affiliate marketing


There are many other ways to make sure that your blog is up and ready to make money.  Make sure that you’re writing guest posts for example. You should also learn keyword research, as SEO is very important to driving traffic toward your blog. You want to strive for a good balance between SEO and readability.

With some hard work and some good research, you can be well on your way to making your first $1000! Have fun blogging and good luck everyone!

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