Review: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

The short answer…yes.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is the most abundant, resourceful, knowledgeable, helpful and happy community I have come across. Their platform is second to none, dialed in with WordPress content creator,  Amazon Web Services, step-by-step training and everything you need on one awesome, user-friendly interface. Besides a computer and WIFI, all you need is motivation, time and dedication.


Wealthy Affiliate Review




I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet because there are tons of in depth reviews that don’t necessarily help and are a waste of time.

Basically, there are two ways to make money with WA. You can do one or the other or both. I started with this one…


1. Become an affiliate.

WA has an in depth boot camp that has seven phases. Each phase has roughly 30 tasks. The founders of this company, who are Canadian by the way (nicest people), want you to learn how to properly market their business which makes sense but you get a feeling that they genuinely want you to create a better life for yourself. They back that up with the platform, content and tutorials they have put together over the past few years. Really impressive.

Being an affiliate for WA is essentially a referral program that earns you revenue for everyone you refer or signs up under your credentials. They offer one of the best commission structures out there. Below is a “commissions earned” screen shot of a fellow member of WA. You can see how it adds up. Passive income is the sole reason I became a member. To obtain that “Fun Money.

Wealthy Affiliate earnings


And if the way the commissions are structured isn’t enough, they offer an all expenses paid Las Vegas trip as an incentive if you sign up 300 people in a calendar year.  And they walk you through exactly how to do that.  The more time you put in, the better you will do.  It’s that simple.

(One way to generate leads.)

I am not going to go through everything you will learn in this boot camp. (It’s a lot.) All I can tell you is that it’s worth it.  I honestly look forward to continuing to learn how to generate cash via WA.  You can find more information here This brings me to the second way Wealthy Affiliate can help you…


2. Create an online business of your own.

WA offers an OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certification) which has five phases, 50 lessons and assorted tasks. Here you will learn how to build a website, pick a niche, choose smart keywords and generate traffic in order to persuade the public to buy which earns you a commission when you sell another companies’ product. You’re an affiliate for that company or brand. Below is an example of a football snack helmet niche site which redirects to Amazon. Amazon will then pay out a commission.


wealthy affiliate niche website idea


So, again, you’re choosing a passion or a niche, whether it’s jump ropes, boys soccer cleats or protein bars, etc. and building a site around that as a funnel or pathway to the sale. Then you’re paid. (Keep in mind building websites is actually fun.)  The website builder, WordPress offers thousands of themes for you to choose from.


wealthy affiliate wordpress themes


When you think about how many storefronts are closing due to 4 billion people (and growing) shopping online, it does makes sense to do your best to leverage what you can. It’s an easy concept that they are teaching but like anything, it does take time to learn and master. After that, create as many websites as you want promoting as many products as you want and the sky is the limit.



Wealthy Affiliate Demonstrates How to Build Websites in Under 30 Seconds.


how to build a wordpress site in 30 seconds in Wealthy Affiliate



wealthy affiliate explains affiliate marketing

I’m a very stubborn person (in a good way) that when I decide I am going to do something, I become dedicated and go all in. Tunnel vision. The WA program is something that I am happy I invested my time in because it is a way out of the 9-5 grind and will be relevant for the next few decades until knowing how to code block chain is standard.






Wealthy Affiliate


State-of-the-art platform to create content and build websites


Weekly Live Training Classes


Integrated Hosting Platform


Incredible commissions and incentives


Step by step learning with videos and text



  • Free to start
  • Unlimited support from the community and founders
  • Great side hustle


  • Takes time and commitment to earn the big bucks
  • No WA app available yet

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9 thoughts on “Review: Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth it?

  1. Nice Walkthrough of Wealthy Affiliate, that earnings screenshot certainly says to me that it is definitely worth it!
    I am a member there myself and have been since 2014, and although I am not earing that sort of money myself (yet lol) it just goes to show that if you follow the steps that they teach and you put in the work, it’s definitely possible!
    Thanks for the review 🙂

  2. This is great content. I am in the process of building a site that shows people how to be their own boss by starting their own service business. I am trying to push myself into creating wealth but I am still a worker. I work for a wage even though I have my own business. 

    My main problem is finding employees. I am tired of dealing with the employee factor which is why I am joining wealthy affiliate and trying to create income this way. 

    Have you brought in much passive income with this site yet? 


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thank you. And yeah, I use to manage a business and that mean’t managing people which was a headache.   So many benefits from running your own solo show.  I haven’t been with WA for very long and I already have tons of referrals but my conversion rate could be better which tells me my advertising needs to be tweaked a bit to bring in more serious “enthusiasts.”  My time line goes until April 2020 and I’m quite confident that I’ll reach my financial monthly target by then.  

      Best of luck to you. 

  3. This is a really great review of WA. I have seen lots of different styles of reviews, but I really like the way you did your. You have some great information for me, on how to join Wealthy Affiliate and it sounds like a good way to make some extra money. I have been looking for something new to do, so I may have to check this platform out. Thank you for your great review.

    1. Hi Coralie,

      Thanks a bunch!  After reading tons of reviews, they start to seem fairly robotic so I wanted to give a quick and honest insight on how WA can help and what you would be doing as a member.  I hope you join and find what you are looking for.  Best of luck in the future!

  4. Hi there, so from what I understand Wealthy Affiliate does not have an app as of yet, are they mobile friendly though – I spend a lot on my phone, so I am just wondering. Another thing I was going to ask is, are the training modules available up to date? With the constantly changing rules on social media platforms and how the internet works, I want to make sure I get current training, and info, which is often hard to do, when learning from books – I have run across so much out-dated stuff, that is so annoying! Thanks for the additional info – blessings! 

    1. Hi Claudia,  

      Great questions.  Yes, no app yet but they move fast so I wouldn’t be surprised if they launch an app for iOS and Android within the next year or so.  For the time being, I created a shortcut to WA on my phones home screen as the site is mobile friendly.  

      Most of the training is up to date.  Some of the third party interfaces have changed in the past few years like the intro to Google Ads, and Bing ads, etc.  You can request for that particular video or module to be updated.  The most comforting aspect about WA is that someone will have the answer you need.  You can ask tech support, one of the owners or the community.   Some of the top earning members who have been with WA for 5 years or so can publish their own training which is helpful.  There is no such thing as “getting stuck” within Wealthy Affiliate. 

  5. Hello, I just went through your article. I joined WA platform yesterday. It sounds exciting to me. There is useful information in your article which would be very helpful for me to move forward.  I want to become an affiliate marketer and also want to start my own online business. That’s why I joined in this global community. I have sorted out that I need to spend some more time to become successful in this platform. Thank you for sharing the article with us. 

    1. Hi Fahim,

      Congrats on joining!  If you’re already into this stuff then the boot camp can be a fun learning experience.    Best of luck in the future and let me know if you have any questions.  

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