How to Self-Motivate

How to Self-Motivate

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I speak to a lot of people that say a lot of great things about themselves. About how far they have come, their goals and aspirations, etc. Then a year later, I see them and they’re in the same exact spot.

Everyone has hopes and dreams but very few moves the actions into place to achieve them. It’s the same concept in the book, Millionaire’s Fastlane, almost everyone has a good idea but 99% won’t move forward with it. That’s why I wanted to be someone who did. So I created Chapfloss.

For me, the foundation of motivation starts with sleep, exercise and nutrition.


A good nights sleep is huge. You need to hit that REM so your body can recharge. (This is one reason why I don’t drink alcohol on a regular basis) Waking up well-rested will make you a morning person.

Your body craves physical activity. Once you get in a routine, (try the TWIT) your body starts making it fun for you by releasing happy chemicals in your brain. As soon as you start feeling that dopamine and serotonin, it won’t be very difficult to hit the gym, go on a run or hike.

Give your body want it wants after exercising. (And it wants healthy stuff!) Whether that be water, protein, carbs, anti-oxidants, etc. You’ll find that if you reward your body with quality ingredients, you will physically feel good for the rest of the day. If you choose soda, chips and candy, you might experience a miniature hangover  which has the ability to make happiness dissipate.


Action inspires motivation.


Motivation, actions


It’s simple. You have to WANT to do something in order to do it without being negative. Don’t try to motivate yourself for the wrong reasons. A good salesman can sell anything even if it’s a POS. I can’t do that and you shouldn’t either. Be honest with yourself and don’t strive for certain outcomes because they look cool and/or profitable. Don’t sell yourself a bullshit dream. Start with want. Do what YOU want to do.


  • I wanted to work in the entertainment industry and represent actors. So, I moved to LA and did that.
  • Then I wanted a better quality of life and a change of scenery. So, I relocated to San Diego.
  • Next, I wanted to infiltrate the medical cannabis industry. So, I worked with Marijuana for four years.
  • Then, I wanted to take on an extreme health kick and put on 30 lbs. So, I created a daily plan and executed that.
  • After that, I wanted to learn and invest in cryptocurrencies for a retirement plan. So, I learned how to trade and now I’m invested in Crypto.
  • I want to spend any free time I have learning and working from home. So, I created another revenue stream.
  • Now, I want to help people do the same.

You must be a little selfish to be self-motivated. Take time to only worry only about yourself.

Setting goals has never worked well for me. I rely on pure stubbornness, will power and a promise I make to myself.  Most of the time, when I make a decision, there’s no going back.  I see the end game and I figure out what I need to do in order to get there.  And that is priority number one.  Pure tunnel vision. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything because this is your priority and you WANT to do it!   If you want to set up an additional stream of income working from home but you watch Netfilx and go out to Taco Tuesday, then making money is not a priority.  No best of both worlds here.


One example is when I stopped drinking alcohol for nearly two months and changed my entire lifestyle in order to put on weight and attempt to reach the best physical shape I have ever been in.  This wasn’t an order or an assignment.  It was my choice and I looked forward to everyday of it.  In 2019, I set out to replace any wasteful time (TV, XBOX, etc.) with productive time like learning and earning.  Doing anything of value.  Another example is when I was 16, I told myself I would never do any hardcore drugs. I’ve been offered nearly everything in the book, and to this day, I remain true.  It’s pure mindset and it gets easy after a while.

My addictive personality can be eerie if I enjoy something. I definitely don’t want to tease it with something that can affect me negatively. But, on the other hand, it acts like a superpower. If you get your mind around something positive and can’t let go of it, you’ve basically already won.


Noticing results and celebrating the little wins help you stay motivated.

Making that first dollar on your side hustle, noticing your clothes are not fitting as well, receiving more positive attention while you’re out are all hooks. I call them hooks because anything I see different resulting in what I am doing hooks me. And now I want more. More gym, more eating healthy, more networking, more dating, more working, more marketing, more shirts which I was complemented in, etc. It’s sort of like posting a picture on Instagram with a really cool filter,  hashtag or caption and it receiving a lot of likes. The chances are you will use that strategy again. Because that hit of dopamine is addictive and finding something that benefits your life that gives you the same feeling is the secret.


  1. Minimize your life just a little bit.  I wear a black v-neck nearly every day, gym or no gym.  I have about 12 of them.
  2. Lay out your clothes the night before.  Makes you more efficient in the morning.
  3. Before you fall asleep, visual the next day in detail. Your tasks, errands, appointments, meetings, workouts, etc.  Act it out again in your head in the morning.
  4. Limit your Youtube and media intake to motivational or educational programs only.  I only watch The Impact Theory and anything that has to do with cars, crypto and exercise.  I only partake while I’m in bed or eating breakfast.  Nothing that waste my time. Must gain something.
  5. Stay organized.  It is really easy to clean up and pick up after yourself.  Keep that up, it will equal less distraction in the future.
  6. Keep it fun and stay optimistic!  You’re reading this because you want to be the “half glass full” person!
  7. Appreciate every moment. They are a lot of people out there wishing they had your life.


If you have any questions or need any help becoming or staying motivated, just comment below.




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One thought on “How to Self-Motivate

  1. Hi Casey,
    I loved your post here on Motivation!
    Everything you said really resonated with me because I have endeavored to lead a life of health and fitness and now that I am in my early 60’s, it has really paid off!
    It is a mindset and it does require discipline but once it becomes a habit, nothing can stop you.
    Thanks and I wish you health and success always,

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