The Difference Between Leadership and Management

The Difference Between Leadership and Management

People tend to believe that leadership and management are the exact same thing. However, they are quite different.

The number one difference between them is that leaders can have people who follow them, whereas managers simply have people who work for them. In order to have a successful business, an owner needs to have both a strong leader and a strong manager.

Leadership Vs Management

The owner of a business is in charge of getting their team on the right track of following their vision toward success. A strong leader can make people believe in the ideals that they set for their company and will inspire them to achieve those goals.

In comparison, a strong manager is more focused on the administrative side of a business and on making sure that day-to-day responsibilities are getting finished on time and correctly.

Leadership and management should work together. Though they are not quite the same thing, they are intricately linked and when done correctly will complement one another. Separating the two inside a company is going to create more problems rather than solving them. For a business to succeed, it needs a cohesive management and leadership team that is capable of planning, organizing, and coordinating the staff while simultaneously motivating and inspiring them to work to the max of their abilities.



Management is about planning. Leadership is about inspiring.





Leaders tend to find a way to praise and inspire people, when managers are more likely to find flaws with a person’s work style. Leaders will create an image of what they envision as possible for their business and will work hard to engage people into turning that image into a reality. They also will not see their workers as individuals with particular skill sets, but rather will think of them as part of a bigger picture. They think beyond daily activities and instead imagine what people can do when they are a high-functioning team that works together.

Managers, though, are important to setting, measuring, and achieving goals by controlling a situation to reach or exceed an objective.

For leaders and managers to understand their roles, and to achieve the right balance between the two, they need to understand the core differences between management and leadership. Sometimes these roles are completely different and sometimes they will overlap.



Think of leaders and managers as two parts of the same whole.


  • Leaders tend to ask questions whereas managers will give directions.
  • Leaders have followers whereas managers will have subordinates.
  • Leaders have a motivational style and managers will use more of an authoritarian style.
  • Leaders show at person what to do when a manger will tell people what they want them to do.


Leaders and managers


While not everyone in charge of a team is a leader and a manger, a business needs to have a good mixture of both in order to succeed. A good business owner will realize that you can’t always pay people to follow your vision; sometimes you need to inspire them into believing in your ideals. If a business is capable of managing individuals while also leading a group into being part of a team, then they truly have a competitive advantage over a business that only has leadership or management, and not both.


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