What is Fun Money?

What is Fun Money?
Fun Money = Any passive income that is generated that exceeds your everyday living expenses.

I coined this term when I had gone a couple months without logging into my affiliate sites and I found that I had generated a good chunk of change. It’s similar to finding cash in your jeans after doing the laundry. It’s a good feeling. Now, I didn’t need it to pay off debt or bills, so I invested some in Bitcoin and used the rest to rent a Porsche for the weekend. It’s fun money. Do what you want with it.  A lot would say save it but you have to live a little and be confident you’ll earn more.

Not only do I enjoy the work, I am able to work remotely and do the work once.  If I do a good job, the funds roll in every month. Since I already have another business and a rental properties, these supplemental funds are extra in which I use to my leisure. Keep my life fresh.

Fun Money is the key to freedom. Happiness stems from a deeper more personal zone but freedom attributes to happiness. At least for me it does.

Below is one way I generate Fun Money. The only two things you need (other than a computer and WiFi) are time and dedication. Give something a chance and see if you enjoy the process. And before you judge or make a decision, ask your self if you’d rather be at a 9-5 job instead.

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