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[NICHE] /NĒSH/ – a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment.


“I’m not going to tell you to follow your dreams, but I can help you avoid nightmares.”


“Motivation is seeing something you want and knowing how to get it.”


Note:  There will be no pipe dreams, GRQ schemes, briefcases full of cash, private jets, etc. 

(Also, nearly 40% of people who land on this page have already left and more will leave as soon as they have to start scrolling. We will always get straight to the point. We’ve analyzed a lot of reviews and most drag on.  In this day of age, we want the most amount of useful information in the shortest amount of time.)

This site is for the average person who is searching for a different path and needs some assistance finding it.  I will do my best to provide you with honest, fairly easy, yet fulfilling ways to supplement your income and possibly ignite the entrepreneur inside and share any and all routines, tactics and methods that have worked for myself in any aspect of my life.  I want to motivate you to learn & earn rather than watch & play.  The end game is optimism & more financial freedom so you may free up time to enjoy life.  This is your window in time!  Try not to spend the majority of it doing something you don’t want to do.







Whether it’s self-improvement, discipline, or a specific state of mind you want to achieve, motivation is the key.  Incentives aren’t enough these days.  I find that you genuinely need to be interested to follow through.  Personal interest equals drive. You’re going to do what you want to do.  That’s obvious. So how do you get yourself to want to do certain things that benefit you in the long term?

There are very few people in this world that are willing to do what it takes to obtain a life they want; multiple streams of income, a healthier lifestyle, etc.  The majority of people are stuck in their ways and won’t take the risk or change anything in their comfortable routine. In this day and age with all the tools, technology and nearly 4 billion people shopping and browsing online, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of some of the advice featured in this site.

Here are my 4 favorite ways to generate additional income that keeps coming. A major one is acting as an affiliate for other major companies because you don’t deal with customers, inventory, employees, etc. It’s awesome!

How We Can Relate

We all know or were friends with a person or two growing up in which we knew were going to be successful. They were fearless and driven from the start. They had something that set them apart. These people received the best grades, they were accepted to the best schools, they approached the most attractive people. They spoke in front of hundreds of people while you were at happy hour, they flew to conferences while you headed to Cancun. They were pulled up in a new German sports car while you earned enough that week just to buy dinner.

I was not one of these people.

These people are rare! Those that truly want to change their lifestyle are in a niche market.  Not everyone is made like that. It takes you truly wanting to change or finding something that makes you happy and sparks your interest.  Take Justin Timberlake for instance singing and dancing at 6 years old and Tiger Woods golfing at 2 years old. How did they make it all the way to pro? What kept them going was the enjoyment and personal interest. The passion.  Online businesses are more fun than you think.  Working from home is better than it sounds!  Working whenever the hell I want is awesome!

Desire vs Apathy

I would guess that the majority of human beings would love to have the motivation and discipline it takes to work for themselves, make their own schedule and live on their own terms. But most think it’s too late to start, or they don’t have what it takes, or the process will be too difficult, etc. With consistent motivation, all that becomes irrelevant.

I always wanted to have the entrepreneur spirit but it took so long to finally take that leap. I had to get all the nonsense out of the way first. All the stuff that I thought was important but never accrued  to a better future. I like to think that, subconsciously, I was waiting until the technology and internet grew to a point where it made self-employment a little less painless and a little more effortless.




I want to try to help you become a little more motivated to better yourself and your future.  Try to improve yourself everyday for three weeks. Whether that means taking an online course on the weekend instead of a pub crawl or working nights and taking a stab at earning income from home instead of playing FIFA or watching Netflix or getting some sort of exercise instead of happy hour.  I spent a lot of nights dicking around like a lazy, unmotivated bum. I hated it but maintained the same bad habits for a long time. All you need is one thing to lift your spirit and that leads to many other opportunities and before you know it, you’re choosing to spend your time working on yourself or your business rather than wasting it away. All of a sudden, you’re on a much better journey and that in turn creates motivation to keep going.

Ask yourself where you want to be a year from now. Looking forward, day by day, a year is a long time. It’s daunting.  But looking back, a year goes by in a blink. All you have to do start.




Our Goal

If you take a chance at something, you might actually enjoy it.  Some might say that it takes roughly three weeks to create a new habit. Doesn’t matter if it’s money related, image related or relationship related. The motivation Niche is a network that goes all in and we’re here to push you to happiness and freedom.

If you ever need a friend or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to chat.

All the best,



Motivation Niche

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